VOW Frequently Asked Questions

The Voice of the Wetlands Festival takes place on the spacious fairgrounds located on Louisiana Highway 24 at 5403 West Park Avenue, Houma, Louisiana!!

To enhance your festival experience, we have addressed below the most common questions asked regarding attendance at the Voice of the Wetlands Festival. 

For camping questions and rules, please visit our website’s camping page.

Patrons are requested to drink responsibly.  VOW shall not be responsible for any actions on behalf of patrons who drink beyond legal limits.

  1. Is there an admission fee to the festival? There is NO CHARGE to attend the Voice of the Wetlands Festival!  Our festival is free to the public so that all who wish to attend can enjoy the world class music as well as participate in preserving a unique Cajun culture and place.
  1. How do I get information about the festival’s musical lineup and other features? Visit voiceofthewetlands.org.  As information becomes available for release to the public, it will be placed on our website. 
  1. Am I allowed to exit and re-enter the festival? Since the festival is open to the public free of charge, patrons are allowed to come and go as they please during festival hours.
  1. How do I pay for my food and beverage? The VOW festival sells tickets at the festival (no advance sales) which are used to purchase food (all food booths) and beverage (both alcohol and non-alcohol).
  1. How much do food/beverage tickets cost? VOW Festival tickets are sold at a value of $1.00 per ticket.  As an example, if you wish to purchase a beverage costing $3.00 dollars, the charge is 3 tickets.
  1. Where can I buy the tickets and how do I pay for them? Tickets cannot be purchased in advance.  Tickets are sold at several locations around the festival grounds for the duration of the festival.  VOW accepts cash and credit cards for the purchase of festival food/beverage tickets.  The festival does not accept personal checks.
  1. Is there a place where I can get cash while at the festival? VOW usually provides a convenient ATM location on the festival grounds.  Like all ATM’s there may be a processing fee.  This fee does not benefit Voice of the Wetlands.
  1. Can I buy vendor merchandise with my festival tickets?   Though merchandise vendors are chosen to participate in the festival they are not necessarily VOW sponsored.  Usual payment methods for vendors include cash and credit cards.  Personal checks are not accepted. 
  1. Does VOW recommend an area hotel for me to stay with during the festival? Each year, Voice of the Wetlands tries to feature select area hotels.  When you begin making your arrangements, visit our website (www.voiceofthewetlands.org) to find links to those hotels on our Festival Page.  In the past, VOW has made arrangements with our featured hotels to provide festival packages which may include festival merchandise such as t-shirts and posters. 
  1. Is there area transportation that can take me to and from the festival from my hotel? Voice of the Wetlands provides no arrangements for area transportation at this time.  Rental cars and taxi services are available in the Houma, Louisiana area. 
  1. What about parking at the festival? Voice of the Wetlands offers extensive parking for our patrons.  The General Parking area is accessible from Houma’s West Park Avenue (La Hwy 24).  Large campers and recreational vehicles are not allowed in the General Parking area (see camping rules).   Since handicapped parking is not feasible at this time, handicapped festival goers are encouraged to attend in the earlier hours when parking is more available in proximity to the festival area.  There is no charge for parking. 
  1. What about accessibility for the handicapped? The Voice of the Wetlands Festival grounds are wheelchair accessible, but visitors should be aware this is an outdoor music festival situated on open grounds.  Therefore, most travel is over natural terrain.  If it should rain, there will be mud in some places.  Voice of the Wetlands does not provide personal care, golf cart rides or push service during the festival.  Please plan ahead and bring attendants if needed.  The festival does not provide wheelchairs.  Please make arrangements in advance if a wheelchair is needed. 
  1. Are service animals allowed at the fairground? All animal pets are not allowed within the festival area.  However, service animals, which have been trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability, are welcome.  The owner of the animal may be asked to describe the type of service the animal provides and may be asked to provide appropriate paperwork. 
  1. Are there children’s attractions/activities at the festival? Each year, Voice of the Wetlands strives to provide for a complete family experience.  Plans are to provide amusement rides and attractions along with a petting zoo, face painting and balloon art among other possibilities. 
  1. What is allowed/prohibited on the festival grounds? Due to safety concerns and other important legal issues, Voice of the Wetlands prohibits the following on festival grounds at any time during the festival: coolers/ice chests, glass and glass containers, pets (except for documented service dogs), tents, beach/pole-style umbrellas (over 63”), framed or large backpacks, tables, wagons/pull carts, skateboards, scooters, bicycles or personal motorized vehicles, fireworks, weapons of any kind including pepper spray, illegal or illicit drugs or other contraband, alcohol (alcohol is sold at the festival), professional cameras and support equipment, A/V recording equipment and laser pointers.  The following activities are also prohibited: football/frisbee/ball throwing, athletic games, solicitation in any form, sampling, give-aways, selling unauthorized raffle tickets of any kind, seeking monetary donations for any reason, passing out flyers/handbills of any kind, unauthorized vending.  Voice of the Wetlands reserves the right to deny entry or remove from the Festival anyone in violation of these policies.  Your cooperation is deeply appreciated and will ensure a pleasant experience for all who attend. 
  1. What Houma area attractions are there for me to see? Visitors often discover that Houma serves as a centerpiece in showcasing Louisiana’s Bayou Country with its prominent bayous, cultural uniqueness, world class food and friendly people.  Take time to visit our coastal areas to fully witness a vanishing coast.  For guidance, visitors are encouraged to contact the Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau either by telephone (800-688-2732) or online (www.houmatravel.com) for area attraction information.
  1. I would like to assist the Voice of the Wetlands Festival in furthering the awareness of South Louisiana’s coastal and cultural perils. How can I volunteer?  Voice of the Wetlands is a volunteer based non-profit organization dedicated to creating national awareness in restoring Louisiana’s coastal wetlands and therefore saving and preserving South Louisiana’s Cajun history, culture and environment.  Volunteers at the annual Voice of the Wetlands Festival enjoy an exciting experience and find it gratifying to serve a cause, practice one’s ideals, work with people, solve problems and enjoy the passion and enthusiasm of the Cajun culture.  Visit our website at voiceofthewetlands.org and on to the VOLUNTEER Page.  Complete the application and submit.  Prior to the festival, if your application is accepted, we will notify you with up to date festival information and details for volunteering.  Thank you for your commitment to VOW and your help in making this another successful year.  And remember, your volunteer expenses are tax deductible!
  1. I am a vendor/exhibitor/artist. How do I participate in the Voice of the Wetlands Festival?  Visit our website (voiceofthewetlands.org) and go to the FESTIVAL Page.  Find the quick link to our “Vendor/Exhibitor Form”.  Open the form, complete and agree to the terms and conditions then submit.  Please bear in mind that there is a selection process for all vendors and exhibitors.  No food, edible items, weapons, drug paraphernalia, illegal or questionable items, mass produced items or personal services will be allowed for sale.
  1. What if I still have a question? You can go to our website (www.voiceofthewetlands.org) and on to the CONTACT page. Send us an email with your question.  We will do our best to get back to you timely and will answer questions in the order in which they are received.

Other important issues:

  1. VOW makes every effort to create a safe environment on the festival grounds. If you need any assistance, seek out a peace officer or festival staff member.
  2. During the festival please return found items to a festival official. VOW will not be held responsible or liable for any lost or unclaimed items.